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Common Questions

Can I sign up with Air Wireless if I am with another carrier?

YES you can! You can PORT your existing number(s) from ANY other carrier over to Air Wireless. The first step (before you place an order for service) is to make sure you have a NEW, NEVER USED, NEVER ACTIVATED Air Wireless SIM card. You can obtain one on our website for $10 under plans. Then be sure you have your current carrier account information. This includes your current carrier name, the phone number you wish to port, your account number, your PIN number (call your carrier to get this information), and your NEW SIM card number. Once you have all this, then you can proceed to choose a plan and place your order for service. 

What type of BYOD phones work on Air Wireless?

Only VoLTE capable phones. MOST Unlocked GSM SIM card based VoLTE capable phones will work on the Air Wireless Network. From the latest smart devices and tablets. Verizon and AT&T phones will work, providing they are VoLTE capable and  unlocked. If you are unsure if your phone is compatible, simply Google your phones make and model or give us a call.

Are there any additional fees or costs with Air Wireless? If so how will I be billed?

There are no additional fees and your monthly service bill will will not change UNLESS you are using services outside the scope of the data plan to which you are subscribed. These are charges that are considered to be LOCAL AIRTIME, LONG DISTANCE, ROAMING and or INTERNATIONAL CHARGES. All directory assistance calls are also chargeable and billed at the rate of $1.99 PER CALL plus tax. To avoid any additional monthly charges, refrain from making calls or using data outside the scope of the data plan to which are subscribed. If you are unsure as to whether you will be billed for additional services, contact us and ask PRIOR to using these services. Any additional charges that your number incurs (by you or by anyone else) will be billed real time to the credit card you keep on file. You will be provided a detailed copy of the charges you were billed for. These charges are non-disputable and non-refundable.

Can I supply my own SIM card?

No you can not. You MUST have an Air Wireless SIM card.

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