Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Who is Air Wireless?

Air Wireless is a Metro Select company who has created affordable rate plans that target individuals, organizations, businesses, associations, entrepreneurs and sole proprietors. Bringing them all over to the Fastest 5G LTE Nationwide Network in America. We offer great mobility management solutions at a great price – with Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data Plans with no contracts, credit checks, or overage fees.

Where is Air Wireless Mobile Service available?

Air Wireless operates on a Nationwide 5G LTE Network, and is available to hundreds of millions of people coast to coast. Before you choose the Air Plan that best fits your needs, be sure to check the coverage map to view the most accurate representation of coverage where you live, work and play. 

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What type of BYOD phones work on Air Wireless?

Air Wireless does not sell phones. We are a BYOD service. Your phone MUST have VoLTE capabilities. MOST Unlocked GSM SIM card based phones will work on the Air Wireless Network. Older phones will NOT work. The best phone to use is a T-Mobile Branded phone. Verizon and AT&T phones will work, providing they are unlocked. If you are unsure if your phone is compatible with Air Wireless, simply Google your phones make and model or give us a call.

Do I get a refund if I decide to not stay with Air Wireless?

Unfortunately, you do not. Air Wireless is a prepaid service. If at any time you cancel your subscription for whatever reason, there will be NO REFUNDS. Once you cancel your service it will continue until the end of your 30 day prepaid renewal date (whether you are using it or not). At which time if payment is not made, your subscription will end and your number will be canceled. If you are porting your number to a different carrier, your port request must be submitted via email at least 72 hours PRIOR to the end of your 30 day prepaid renewal date. Once your number is successfully ported to the other carrier, your subscription will automatically be canceled. Please read the Terms and Conditions that you will be required to agree to by law when signing up with Air Wireless.

Are there any additional fees or costs with Air Wireless? If so how will I be billed?

There are no additional fees and your monthly service bill will will not change UNLESS you are using services outside the scope of the data plan to which you are subscribed. These are charges that are LOCAL AIRTIME, LONG DISTANCE, ROAMING and or INTERNATIONAL CHARGES. All directory assistance calls are also chargeable and billed at the rate of $1.99 PER CALL plus tax. To avoid any additional monthly charges, refrain from making calls or using data outside the scope of the data plan to which are subscribed. If you are unsure as to whether you will be billed for additional services, contact us and ask PRIOR to using these services. Any additional charges that your number incurs (by you or by anyone else) will be billed real time to the card you keep on file. You will be provided a detailed copy of the charges you were billed for. These charges are non-disputable and non-refundable.

Can I supply my own SIM card?

No you can not. You must use an Air Wireless SIM card to use our service.

Will my old discount code work on the new plans?

No it will not. The prices you see are the prices you pay. At least for now. Once we can discount the prices again, we will.

Keeping (Porting) Your Existing Mobile Phone Number

Can I keep my existing number(s) when I switch to Air Wireless?

Yes. This is called “porting your number.” Be sure if you are porting a number, it is a working non suspended number, and that you request the port with enough time to be completed prior to your next bill being due with your existing carrier. Failure to allow ample time could result in a loss of your number. Once you port your number over to Air Wireless, it becomes the property of Air Wireless. Release of the number back to you can be done at any time should you decide to go to another service provider. If you wish to port your number from Air Wireless to another carrier, it MUST be done by contacting If your number is suspended with Air Wireless for non-payment, it CAN NOT be ported out to another carrier.

What if I don’t know my Account Number or PIN number to transfer my number over to Air Wireless?

You MUST have your current carrier account number and PIN number before we can port your number over to Air Wireless. Both numbers must be 100% correct. If they are not correct, your existing number will not port over and you could run the risk of losing your number. Simply CALL YOUR CARRIER, identify yourself, and tell them you need your account number and PIN number to port your number to a new carrier.

Are there data caps on the First Class Unlimited Plan?

During congestion, customers using excessive data/mo. may notice reduced speeds until the next data cycle due to data prioritization; customers may notice speeds lower than other customers and further reduction if using >30GB/mo., due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet/hot spot at DVD quality (480p). This applies to both the device data and hot spot data.

Payments, Taxes, & Fees

Why Does my billing statement say Metro Select Inc. and not Air Wireless?

Air Wireless is a Metro Select company, so your credit card billing statement will reflect the Metro Select name not Air Wireless. Air Wireless is an online trading company of Metro Select.

Why are there taxes and fees?

Air Wireless is required by law to collect taxes, governmental surcharges and fees including sales, excise, other taxes and government surcharges on behalf of local, state, and the federal government.  Local, state and federal regulations determine the specific amount of tax charged, and it can range significantly based on your location. Subject to change without notice.

How do I pay for my Air Wireless Mobile Service?

Air Wireless is a Pre-Paid Service. You will automatically be signed up for recurring billing during the sign up process. Your payment will be deducted automatically every month from the card you keep on file. Your bill is due each month on the same date of your activation. It is your responsibility to keep your credit card information and email address up to date, and to assure funds are available for your monthly service. If payment declines, for any reason, your service will be suspended immediately until payment is made, and you run the risk of losing your number. 

What happens if my credit card payment fails?

You will be notified by email and you will get a text message, letting you know that your payment has failed. There will be instructions in the email on how to get your service restored. Your service will automatically be suspended until payment is made. It can take up to 24 hours to restore suspended service. It is your responsibility to keep a valid credit card on file at all times with sufficient funds to cover your monthly service costs. Failure to do so will result in loss of any discounts for that month, may result in losing your number, and could cause termination with Air Wireless altogether (See Terms and Conditions). Any number that is suspended due to failed payment for 7 days or more will be terminated.